Blossom Sky's Federated AI Platform is the most effective data platform for energy-related corporations and utilities looking to improve their operations. Our cutting-edge data management technology allows for the continuous analysis of vast amounts of data, providing valuable insights into customer preferences and energy habits. Blossom Sky can help energy companies and utilities make informed, data-driven decisions to optimize their operations, improve service delivery, and increase efficiency. Our intuitive interface and customizable features make it easy for energy companies and utilities to access and understand their data, allowing them to optimize the value of their operations. Learn how Blossom Sky may help your energy company or utility operations right now.

The data challenges in

Utilities and Energy

Data velocity

The volume of data created by IoT will skyrocket. Every day, a smart building creates around 250 GBs of data. A single smart meter in a single home might produce 400MB per year. The result is 54 petabytes when multiplied by the 135 million meters in the United States.

Data infrastructure

A transformer has an average age of roughly 40 years. To fully benefit from digital transformation, big power users and utilities will need to devise techniques that allow them to install IoT gateways and new sensors without tearing down their existing networks.

Data sharing

For utilities and energy companies, such as oil and gas, operational data will be the key to unlocking competitive advantages. Companies will subsequently begin to share information with trusted third-party providers of cloud analytics and other services.

Learn how Blossom Sky tackle this challenges:

The Future of Energy: Blossom Sky enables data driven products

Blossom Sky utilizes AI and ML to enhance energy efficiency in utilities, automating tasks, improving decision-making, and providing insights for demand-side management and renewable integration.
The Future of Energy: Blossom Sky enables data driven products
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Unified data pools in multi-national airlines and energy companies

Organizations use incompatible file systems and storage platforms for data sharing over multiple systems, Blossom Sky unify data and allows to collaborate.
Unified data pools in multi-national airlines and energy companies
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About DataBloom

Blossom Sky is all about taking data collaboration and efficiency to the next level. Our platform tackles the big challenge of data silos, bringing everything together in one easy-to-use system. It's built to work smoothly with a whole range of AI algorithms and models.

The cool part? Blossom Sky works hand-in-hand with top data frameworks like Databricks, Snowflake, Cloudera, and others, including Hadoop, Teradata, and Oracle. Plus, it's fully compatible with AI favorites like TensorFlow, Pandas, and PyTorch. We've made sure it fits right into your existing setup.

Blossom Sky is the commercial version of Apache Wayang, and we're proud to offer it as Open Source Software. You can check out our public GitHub repo right here. If you're enjoying our software, we'd love your support - a star ⭐ would mean a lot to us!

If you need professional support from our team of industry leading experts, you can always reach out to us via Slack or Email.
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