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We produce ever increasing volumes of data everywhere. From the edge to the cloud, from IoT to AI. What is the best way to use all your data, regardless of where it’s stored, and make it smarter all in one place without breaking the bank? You need Blossom Sky!
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Blossom Studio Pipeline
Blossom Studio Pipeline
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Blossom Sky Powers Data Driven Organizations

What is Blossom Sky?

Bridging Data Silos with Power and Precision. Our platform seamlessly integrates diverse data sources, eliminating costly data transfers and ETL processes. With unique AI-driven cost optimization and a federated approach, we offer a unified data experience that's efficient, secure, and regulation-compliant. Simplify your data landscape, whether you're coding or strategizing.

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Unlock your data’s potential with Blossom Sky

In a world where data drives decisions, more than 90% of enterprises face the daunting challenge of efficiently processing their data without the expensive, time-consuming, and risky task of moving it. Just as streaming brought music, movies, and binge watching to you, and online shopping brought the entire shopping world to you, discover how Blossom Sky can bring all your data to you.

Blossom Sky allows you to combine different data platforms, such as Snowflake, Databricks, Oracle, databases, or AI platforms like Tensorflow without having to move your data. Optimize decision-making, refine operations, and expedite innovation with Blossom Sky. Leverage our sophisticated federated lakehouse technology to achieve an 85% reduction in data processing time and save more as 35% in data related expenses.

Chosen by Executives, Adored by Developers

“Building an efficient and scalable data architecture with Blossom Sky reduced our development time and costs dramatically. From demo to proof of concept in just 2 days, now I wonder why we waited so long.”
SVP Data and AI | FinTech Asia
“Easy to use API, makes the training of ML pipelines faster as it can run on distributed platforms such as Spark for example.”
“Databloom is easy to learn and master. It is surprising how easy is to configure Databloom and how easy I could setup my federated learning models”
“What I like the most about this platform is its ease of use. One has to only express the business logic within its API, and then the platform optimizes for the underlying system usage. This way, one does not need to implement system-specific details.”
"Ease of consulting distributed data sources, intuitive graphical interface, efficiency in data consultation, friendly use of the system.”
"It's an open source product, and pretty solid and stable. The simplicity to integrate - just add 3! lines into your _already_ existing code, and Blossom does the rest.”
"I could execute my spark job on Flink by changing only one line of code. I also liked a lot the optimizer that can select the platform based on a cost model.”
"My tasks can be transferred between platforms with just minor changes.”
"I see real potential in the application that can have significant impact on pipeline creation and transformation leveraged by a larger user base.  That and the obvious abstraction layer that allows for multi-data technologies to be accessed, acquired and operated on without specific subject matter expertise is invaluable."
Senior Quantitative Engineer | Treasury Engineering

For Developers

What is a Virtual Data Lakehouse?

A Virtual Data Lakehouse combines data mesh principles and cross-platform data processing technology to seamlessly connect all your data lakes and data silos into a large-scale, interconnected federated data lake. A Virtual Data Lakehouse enables organizations to store and analyze their data across various storage systems; the architecture is also known as federated data lakes.

Blossom Sky combines data mesh and data lake federation with multi-platform data processing, resulting in increased data scalability, increased data processing, and multiplying data analytics capabilities without losing speed, privacy, or security. You can take advantage of huge volumes of data without sending it to a central server, a modern technology that contributes to enhanced data analytics, generative AI and federated learning (FL) developments. Our flagship product, Blossom Sky, enables companies and large organizations to apply data analytics, train machine learning (ML) or generative AI (LLM) models on distributed data pools covering many different devices, edges, data lakes, data warehouses, or data storage systems.
Blossom Sky is a proven stack across multiple industries, like finance, healthcare, and government or public agencies, serving and enabling a wide range of use cases.

What are the use cases?

What are the benefits of Blossom Sky, and how can it help my company?


Blossom Sky is a cutting-edge API-first system that fully supports cross-platform data processing. It empowers users to perform data analytics across multiple data processing platforms without altering their native code. Blossom Sky can help your company overcome regulatory pressure and obey privacy policies with ease, reduce data costs up to 35%, and have confidence your data is safe and secure. It enables innovation, reduces technical debts in data management and data processing, and reduces spend at the same time, forever.
Blossom Sky helps you confidently navigate data challenges in data analytics and machine learning to build better, faster solutions by eliminating data silos and ETL processes.

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* Reducing data costs without sacrificing growth | McKinsey

Many of the recommended* improvements can be applied quickly by using Blossom Sky, with businesses capturing double-digit savings within six months. You can achieve these benefits quickly and easily with Blossom Sky.

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Blossom Sky, built on Open Source

Built by the original creators of Apache Wayang, our Virtual Data Lakehouse reduces costs and technical debt, increases performance, accelerates digital transformation, and empowers data-driven innovations.
DataBloom AI's founders invented "multi-platform task execution", a technology that allows you to perform data processing operations on multiple data platforms at the same time, regardless of coding language and processing technology.

We simplify the use of multiple data lakes, data warehouses, and data processing systems for enterprise applications. Developers can build their applications on top of our technology and let it handle the execution across multiple data sources without the need for re-platforming. We bring data intelligence capabilities directly to the data sources instead of moving data to large centralized storage systems or single data lakes. This architecture is called Sky Computing, or "Virtual Data Lakehouse".

In other words: Use the tools and platforms you know and love, and unify your data with Blossom Sky into a Virtual Data Lake. Blossom Sky supports Databricks Delta Lake via DataFrames, Apache Spark, Snowflake, Teradata, Parquet, Iceberg, Hudi, Hadoop, S3 or Tensorflow.
Blossom Studio Pipeline
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